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We Align With

We Align With

Undertaking a project of any sort requires cooperation and collaboration with people and other organizations. Nashipae Narrative is proud to work with some of the finest and most reputable non-profit organizations in the United States. 


Wikitongues is a leader in language activism, linguistics, anthropology, and the open source movement. Wikitongues, a non-profit organization based in Brooklyn, New York, is  'building the first public archive of every language in the world' 'to empower community activists' at the grassroots level. 

Another of their aims is related to language activism. They join together with organizations, institutions and communities across the world 'to promote better language services and increase cultural awareness around the world'.

Rutgers Prep is a non for profit, private learning institution located in New Jersey which provides a positive value of self where students are training to be the leaders of tomorrow. Within a climate of trust, safety, and support, students embrace intellectual curiosity and creativity in a coeducational college prep atmosphere serving over 600 students from age three to grade twelve. RPS is a community that reflects the true and genuine diversity of our modern world. 

Rutgers Prep started the Innovation Academy in the spring of 2021 to serve the needs of the global community through on-line content, often paired with in person instruction delivered remotely and on our New Jersey campus. They offer a range of courses from topics that only take a few hours of work to complete to a full-year credit classes. Badges, certificates, and credits are available to students of all ages. Alumni, parents, teachers, students and friends are encouraged to share their passions through the online learning management system (LMS). In addition, the Innovation Academy continues to identify strategic partners such as the Global NGO Executive Committee to offer courses on United Nations projects and a range of potential future topics.

The Executive Committee (GNEC) was founded to promote a closer working relationship between the United Nations (UN) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) associated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications (UN DGC). GNEC acts as a liaison between the NGO community and the UN.

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