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"When an elder is gone,
a library burns to the ground."

~  African Proverb


Our Roots

Nashipae Narrative realizes that our strength lies not only in the words, but most importantly through the discernible actions of our initiative. Founded just under a year ago out of the COVID-19 pandemic isolation, our Non-Profit Organization realized that by working to preserve cultural elements, we could connect people from across the globe and safeguard their stories and cultural heritage for future generations and humanity. Although the Maa language is not currently in danger, it is never too early to build a database capable of preemptively protecting cultural knowledge and languages that could be put at risk in the future. Nashipae Narrative seeks to develop such a database that will be used by scholars, linguists and the like, but most importantly for the future of the Maasai.​

Our vision is to protect and preserve the storytelling and folklore of the Maasai in parts of Southern Kenya and to advance education and social understanding of tribes without literary traditions. This digitized collection will be maintained by authorized language preservation websites and will be widely available online to help shed discrimination and reinforce notions of self empowerment within the tribes we wish to serve. Nashipae Narrative hopes to show an accessible and humane face to those who seek out these timetested stories that teach valuable lessons to communities.

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